Hair Loss FAQs

Question: Are hair transplants always painful?


If anesthetic techniques are inadequate, this is often true, but the solution is simple.  Find a doctor who has better techniques.  Dr. Elliott has lectured internationally on painless anesthesia in hair restoration surgery.  He has taught many, many other doctors his techniques.  Most importantly, he has had 2 hair transplants and knows how it feels to be a patient.


Question: Are hair transplants obvious and unnatural looking?


With poor artistic or surgical techniques, this can be true.  Modern hair transplant techniques in the hands of an expert like Dr. Elliott produce results that are undetectable to others, even the person cutting your hair.  Dr. Elliott has developed and learned all the skills and techniques needed to correct unnatural results, whether from work done recently, or in the past.

Question: Are hair transplants only for men?


Women are also candidates, but their hair loss is different than a mans.  If a woman is concerned about her hair loss, she should see a hair restoration surgeon like Dr. Elliott to know the full range of treatment options.  In his experience, women are just as happy with hair transplant results as men.

Question: I've heard that medical treatments don't work for hair loss and have lots of side effects, is this true?


Medical treatment works so well that losing your hair is a choice.  You can stop it.  Dr. Elliott has treated thousands of men and women since 1995 and he sees the benefits every single day. He has been on these same treatments since then and it has saved his hair.  Talk to him about the real chances of side effects.  He sees them only rarely.  Don't deny yourself the benefits.

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