Eyelid Minituck

This is a simple procedure to reduce upper eyelid heaviness. It is not a blepharoplasty, which Dr. Elliott does not perform, but rather an alternative approach. He was taught this procedure personally by Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Samuel Lam. Traditional upper blepharoplasty removes skin muscle and fat, which to Dr. Elliott's view, sometimes leaves the upper eyelid too hollow, with an "operated" look. Often, what is more natural is to lift the brow with added volume and remove a very conservative amount of upper eyelid skin.

Minituck does this without major downtime and under local anesthetic only. It is painless and takes about 30 minutes. The incision, sutures and resulting scar are totally hidden in the natural fold of the upper lid when the eye is open.

Dr. Elliott will discuss if this is a good choice for you during your consultation.







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Dr. Vance Elliot